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CurtainCage - 70'L Single Lane T2 Batting Cage System (Track & Trolley)

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70'L Single Lane T2 Batting Cage System (Track & Trolley)

This kit includes the proper hardware required to assemble a 70'L single-lane (12 or 14'W) batting cage system (excluding net).

Included Parts:

  • (105) Trolley Wheel (Nylon or Steel)
  • (30) 8 ft Steel Track (16 gauge) = 80 ft span (extended span available)
  • (27) Splice Connector Hardware (to join the tracks)
  • (6) End Stops


  • Ceiling joist brackets, clamps, cable extensions, threaded rod, screws, drill bit

*Kit can be customized for your facility. Please contact us to provide details on your ceiling. Customization & additional parts may result in up-charge.


Our T2 system allows for quick & smooth mobility for your batting cage or divider curtain. It is the quickest 'open to close' manual-operated system on the market, using nylon or steel ball-bearing wheels which roll along inside steel tracking. This is the same style system used for 'walk-draw' divider curtains found in hundreds of gyms across the country.

If you're tired of the effort associated with cable suspension systems, dealing with snap replacement & "hang-ups" from grooves worn in the snaps from years of abrasion, this system will eliminate those headaches.

Key Benefits:

  • Less netting sag from cable slack
  • Cleaner overall look
  • Eliminates need for anchoring into walls

The T2 system allows you to go from "store to play" position in 1-2 minutes, with fewer people required for operation. When ready for storage, simply push the net/curtain from one end by walking (or jogging) toward the wall. A 70'L batting cage net will easily collapse down to only 2-3 ft against the wall, and can also be 'bungeed' to tighten up even further.

System can be customized to specs. Pricing depends on required mounting system (below), and total linear coverage. Please contact us with your project details for an estimate.

5 Mounting Options:

Chain or Beam Type Mount

Works well when attached to a support member immediately above the top of the curtain.

Threaded Rod Type Mount

Works well when the attachment points are substantially higher than the top of the curtain. Also useful to support tracking when span is greater than 6-8 ft without a truss/joist support - connect rod to ceiling deck for support.

Ceiling Type Mounting

Mounts directly to ceiling or any flat horizontal surface must be directly above the curtain.

Wall Type Mounting

Mounts directly to any vertical surface.

Beam or Truss Mounting

Attaches directly to I Beams or roof trusses. The clamps are secured with set screws and rotate for proper orientation.

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Found Practice Sports very customer friendly and easy to work with...CSR's have all been very competent and timely with their response...Follow up was prompt, and complete. Certainly have no problem in recommending Practice Sports to othrs.

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We purchased a custom batting cage in 2009 and it has seen action daily since then. It has been a staple with my boys taking them through Little League, competitive baseball and now into high school baseball at Rancho Bernardo High School (referred ...

Mark C

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