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FlexPlate - 12" x 12" Adjustable Steel Wall Anchor Plate w/multiple Terminal Points

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12" x 12" Adjustable Steel Wall Plate with row of anchor tabs
*Clevis anchor in picture NOT included (see link to order below)

Easily adjust the height or width of your cable lines with our multiple notched wall plates. Don't get stuck in a fixed location - drill your holes knowing you have the insurance of our adjustable plates to alter your cable lines when needed. This plate can also be used to support multiple cable lines, i.e. 1 for the ceiling net and 1 for a divider curtain inside a batting cage tunnel -- eliminating the need for 2 single anchor point plates.

Why might you need to adjust your lines?
1) You may wish to peak the center of your tunnel, to maximize height in the center and still leave slack for the side walls. This is much easier to do after you have tested your tunnel to determine how much slack is needed on the floor to contain balls in your environment. The alternative is re-drilling holes which often isn't an option due to the location of the original holes, and can be very complicated after the lags have been set.

2) Netting will loosen & "relax" over a period of time, resulting in sag in areas you did not initially have sag. The ability to raise the cable heights up, or extend the widths out will help stretch your net back to maximum size, resulting in a much cleaner/pro appearance with more playable space.

Standard Specs for all of our wall plates:

  • Precisely laser cut
  • Pre-drilled 9/16" anchor holes (allows lag attachment to multiple blocks, dispersing tension)
  • Plates & anchor tab use very thick schedule 40 1/4" steel
  • Anchor tab welded into center (3,000 lb constant load rating)
  • All-weather black matte finish for pro look
  • Mild Steel Plate, 50,000 lbs PSI minimum

*Anchor ring & lags sold separately
*To enable cable widths to be adjusted, install plates with anchor tabs running horizontally. Reverse alignment for vertical adjustment.

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J Rotonde

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St.Clair purchased a cage and installed it ourselves, which ended up being a tremendous headache! I was extremely grateful for the customer service that was provided and we are very pleased with the finished product. After seeing some of the cages th...

Jeff Tietje - Activities Director - St. Clair High School

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