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FlexNets - 12 ft x 14 ft Baffle Netting Kit

Your Price: $51.00

Baffle Netting Kit

Take a proactive step to preserving your expensive batting cage net. This Baffle Netting Kit reinforces your tunnel in the highest impact areas - traditionally the "pull-zones" to the left or right of home-plate, directly above the batter or behind the pitcher.

What's included:

  • 14' x 12' #21 Black Knotted Nylon Mesh
  • Heavy-Duty Zip Ties for attachment

This easy to install kit includes LARGE 14' x 12' panels of #21 Nylon Knotted Square Mesh, with easy to install heavy-duty zip-ties. Position your NetShields in the area you receive the most impact, creating a double-layer of netting in these high traffic areas. After your NetShields have been battered, simply cut the zips down & replace. MUCH easier than cutting away small sections of your actual tunnel & hand sewing patches.

Tips: Use your cage for a few days before installing the NetShield - identify the highest impact areas to protect.

Keep track of how long the Baffles last in a certain area. The life-span will vary depending on usage, but they are designed to take a beating & protect your tunnel. After one wears out, determine how much longer you need your cage to last, and this will help decide how many more NetShields you will need, or if you can safely expose your tunnel to normal wear & tear.

What Customers Are Saying...

All went well, installation was pretty easy. Thanks again for getting me the stuff on time. With Joe and Jake Mauer gone for the season with the Twins, Bill is the only one doing any training right now, but all of the kids he brings in think it's nea...

Norm Kordell - Mauer Baseball School / Mauer Chevy

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I canít tell you how much we are LOVING our new cage and machine from Practice Sports. From order to delivery date, the timing was just as anticipated. The professionalism and assistance that your team gave us resulted in perfect specs. Since we live...

Ken & Beth Broussard

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