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HOME Baseball / Softball Netting Barrier & Back-Stop NET-SHIELD

PSI - NetShield (per sq ft)

Your Price: $0.82 PER SQ FT

$100 Minimum Order. FREE SHIPPING TO 48 US STATES

NetShield a Practice Sports Exclusive

NetShield is a batting cage center's dream come true. This revolutionary product allows practice facilities to greatly MAXIMIZE their playable space, while protecting their ASSETS such as walls, lights, HVAC, and most importantly SPECTATORS.

Without NetShield, you must leave a 2 - 3 ft gap between your netting & walls, 3-5 ft from lights, and 5-10 ft from spectators & walking paths. 

NetShield allows installation as close as 4 - 6 inches from walls! (Testing has been performed with a pitching machine throwing 90 MPH creating a stretch of approximately 6 inches - watch video here).

*NetShield should still be installed no closer than 1-2 ft from an area where people may walk - a big difference from the typical 5 - 10 ft with netting! 


  • Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • 13.5 oz per sq yd
  • Double-Hemmed Vinyl Border
  • Grommets Every 12 - 18"
  • Colors: Black, Forest Green, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Red
  • 3 year warranty

NetShield extends the life-span of netting by 10 YEARS OR MORE. Instead of replacing worn netting, simply zip-tie panels of NetShield on the inside OR outside of your netting, to cover high-risk zones, or weak & unsightly areas.

Best Uses:

  • Along walls to prevent damage
  • Behind batter for "impact zones"
  • Behind pitcher for "batter's eye"
  • Isolated ceiling areas to protect HVAC
  • Hanging from ceiling to contain balls inside ShellCage lanes
  • Attached to outdoor fences

NetShield gives facilities an INSTANT image make-over by hiding ugly walls or damaged netting - while also improving the safety and expanding the usable space.

The cost of NetShield is comparable to #60 Gauge Netting, and the life-span is even longer. An estimated life-span is 10-15 years for impact purposes, and much longer for non-impact areas.

NetShield includes UV Inhibitors, so can be used indoors OR outdoors.

Add Half-Moon wind vents for outdoor applications, every 10-20 ft -- +$2.50 each.

How to Install NetShield:

NetShield In Action:

What Customers Are Saying...

We received the batting cage net last Friday and had it installed by Sunday. The net looks really good and is just what we wanted.

Monty S

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Chad: The net has been up for about a month and I am very happy with it.

Bill A

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