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Muhl Tech - All Fields Net

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All Fields Net

Our recommended net.

8 1/2' W x 6 1/2' H. Nice and wide for doing soft toss or batting tee work. You can work across the strike zone hitting balls to all fields with out having to reposition the batter. The All Fields Net is large enough to encourage a batter to correctly "hit the ball where it's pitched".

Works great as a backstop behind a catcher or behind pitching targets to shag errant pitches.

Net is 14' wide at the bottom to hang loose and drop balls straight down.

1 1/2" Powder coated frame with push button assembly.

When doing soft toss drills or working off a batting tee with most soft toss nets, you must reposition the batter when working the different hitting zones. That is not the case with the "All Fields Net". We made this soft toss net wide enough to work the entire strike zone and have the batter hit the ball to the correct field.

Years ago at a tournament, we noticed that kids would tend to drive balls from our Tru-Toss soft toss machine straight ahead into a smaller net regardless of pitch location. This was actually teaching them bad habits. We decided to make a net wide enough so if the pitch was outside they could "go with it" and if it was inside, pull the ball. We believe you should "hit the ball where it's pitched!".

We don't think you will find a better net that can be used for many purposes.

Heavy duty #36 net that slips on pillow case style for double protection


What Customers Are Saying...

Chad: The net has been up for about a month and I am very happy with it.

Bill A

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This company continues to amaze me with their great customer service. Anytime I have a question or concern, they are willing to work with me and they are very patient. Thank you Practice Sports!

Kim Gold

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