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Backstop Netting - Professional Grade

Dyneema Backstop Netting

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot: $2.00 - $3.00 (depending on QTY)
Please Contact Us with your dimensions for exact quote.

Dyneema is the ultimate material for backstops. This type of netting is used in most Major League stadiums throughout the United States - why? Because Dyneema mesh is the strongest, lightest, most durable fiber on the market. As a result, it offers the most unobstructed view of the game, with maximum protection.

Our Dyneema is heat-set and depth stretched under 140deg temperature, with a bonding agent for extra long life. After it's fabricated into a backstop, it is double-treated in special UV-all weather coating that provides many years of use.


Dyneema Backstop Netting:

UDR2--.0625 inch diameter (#18) with 352 lb.(160 kg.)+ breaking strength
(superior to #18 Spectra)

Dyneema Rope 12s Braid
(New to Market):
This unique light-weight, high-strength rope (with a breaking strength of up to 41,800 lbs.) can replace (20,000ksi) steel cables that are used in most professional stadiums today.

Dyneema rope is more than ten times stronger than steel per unit of weight. This means that a Dyneema rope has a slightly higher strength than a steel wire of the same dimension-but less than one tenth of the weight.

Dyneema has a very low elongation (stretching). It stores little energy and therefore has little backlash-even at hundreds of tons of load. Compared to steel cable, Dyneema requires much less tension to hang webbing because of its light-weight. And, Dyneema is non-rotational.

Dyneema is resistant to chemicals, acids and oil substances. It has excellent abrasion resistance compared to other synthetic fibres (5 times better than polyester). Urethane coated for added UV protection

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