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Used Turf

Used Artificial Turf: The Cost-Effective Sports Turf Solution

Facilities across the country enjoy the cost effective benefits of used turf in a wide variety of applications, including practice fields, batting cages, baseball academies, basements and backyards.

  • Rubber Infill Included Inside Turf
    1-2 lbs of rubber infill still intact for shock absorption. This reduces your total turf investment. Some additional rubber infill may need to be added to properly distribute evenly throughout, depending on activity turf is used for.
  • Premium Used Turf Quality
    Our used synthetic turf is premium quality material, removed over 10 years in advance of it's life-span.

Specs for Current Batch of Used Turf Now Available

Every field we remove is different. Here's the specs on the current field we just pulled up and what you need to about shipping before you make your purchase.


  • Premium Grade Soccer Turf
  • Being replaced well in advance of life-span for Junior Soccer World Cup
  • Minimal Lines
  • 2-1/4" Tall
  • 48 ounce face weight
  • Roll Sizes: 50'L x 15'W
  • Approx weight: 2,500 lbs each
  • Including 1-2 lbs of rubber inflll per square foot


  • Customer is responsible for OFF-LOADING
  • Customer must supply machinery / fork-lift to un-load
  • Turf rolls will NOT include core, banding or plastic wrap
  • If not prepared for delivery, freight carrier will charge for time
  • Approx Roll Weight: 2,500 lbs each
  • Residential shipping not available
  • Shipping not available to Washington, Oregon, California, and Maine


  • Used Turf is Sold As-Is
  • All turf sales are final
  • No Refunds or Exchanges

Buy Now

Practice Sports has always been the best place on the internet to buy used turf. And now we’ve made it even easier. Whether you need a single roll or an entire field we can help.

How Much Used Turf Do You Need?

Each roll is 50' L x 15' W (750 sq ft.) No roll cuts available.
Determine your required square footage, and select from the items below.

(1 - 5 Rolls) 15’ W x 50’ L (750 - 3,750 sq ft >>

(6 - 10 Rolls) 15’ W x 50’ L (4,500 - 7,500 sq ft) >>

(11 - 20 Rolls) 15’ W x 50’ L (8,250 - 15,000 sq ft) >>

(21 - 40 Rolls) 15’ W x 50’ L (15,750 - 30,000 sq ft) >>

We never sell turf that's not still usable, but you should be informed about the limitations of used turf. For more information check out our Turf Removal page.

Used Turf Roll
Typical used turf rolled and ready to go (not all rolls include core)
  • Used Turf May Have Lines & Logos
    Used turf is generally sourced from football, soccer and baseball fields that have been pre-lined. This means that the turf your purchase MAY have lines and team logos. Contact Us to check on the availability of our used turf
  • Turf May Not Be Consecutive Rolls
    Only complete field purchases will have consecutive lines & numbers. Contact us to check on the availability of our used turf in consecutive rolls. 402-592-2000
  • Turf May Have Imperfections
    Due to the nature of used turf, it will not be in new factory condition. This means it may have inconsistencies in the blades (some areas may be more worn than others), or may have cuts that occurred during removal. Any imperfect areas can either be repaired on site during installation, or cut away & discarded. Used turf should be installed by an experienced installer who understands how to properly cut & seam turf. A professional installer can handle the minor cuts & repairs needed to properly re-install used turf.
  • All Sales Are Final
    All used turf is sold as-is and all sales are final. Contact us for a turf sample in advance of ordering to evaluate, and we're confident you'll love the quality. The final turf received is not guaranteed to exactly match the sample, which may have been cut from a different area of the field - compared to the rolls available when your purchase is made. For larger orders, we do our best to provide samples from the same rolls you will receive.

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