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Used Turf

Used Turf - The Cost Effective Solution

Facilities across the country enjoy the cost effective benefits of used turf in a wide variety of applications, including practice fields, batting cages, baseball academies, basements and backyards.

Standard Size Rolls

Available in 15' Wide and 75' Length.

Turf 360 Used Turf Used Field Turf 75' L x 15' W Roll

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Turf360 - Used Field Turf - 15'W x Custom Length (LIMITED SUPPLIES)

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Why Used Turf From Practice Sports?

Used Turf Close Up
Typical used turf sample
  • We Remove the Fill
    Most rubber fill has been removed - some will remain in the turf.
  • Free Shipping (Minimum of 75'L Roll)
    The best deal in the industry. Freight costs on used turf can be prohibitive, so we'll pick up the tab on commercial shipments. Residential shipments price of $200 flat rate.
  • Good Quality
    Our used turf is all good quality material, with several years of remaining life-span.

What You Need to Know About Used Turf

We never sell turf that's not still usable, but you should be informed about the limitations of used turf. For more information about the process of where used turf comes from, check out our Turf Removal page.

Used Turf Roll
Typical used turf rolled and ready to go
  • Used Turf May Have Lines & Logos
    Used turf is generally sourced from football, soccer and baseball fields that have been pre-lined. This means that the turf your purchase MAY have lines and team logos.
  • Turf May Not Be Consecutive Rolls
    Only complete field purchases will have consecutive lines & numbers. Contact us for more info on Full Used Turf Field Packages.
  • All Sales Are Final
    All used turf is sold as-is and all sales are final. Contact us for a turf sample.


36 oz Nylon Turf Shipping Timeline

Hi, I've been looking at the turf on your website and we've decided to go with the Triple-Crown Nylon 36 oz. How quickly can that turf ship? Thanks, Stephen --------------------------------------------------- Hi Stephen, The Turf360 - 36 oz Nylon - Triple-Crown Turf can ship within 2-3 business days plus the transit time which will depend on your location. The turf is shipping from Georgia. Most turf can ship within 3-5 business days at the most. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks again, Cory Schneider | Sales...

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Used Turf Buyer's Guide - What to Know Before You Buy

  Used turf is an excellent choice for facilities on a budget, and has many applications including batting cages, sports facilities, home play areas, and backyard batting cages. However, used turf is often a non-returnable item, so there are some facts that are important to know before you buy. Request a sample. Itís not always possible to send out a sample, but it is a great way to get your hands on the used turf before you buy. If a sample isnít possible, ask for a photograph of the turf if possible. Minimums? Used turf often has a minimum square footage requirement for purchase. A great turf price is nice, but if...

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Drainage for Turf

Hi, I want to purchase some turf but need an option that can be drained. Can you help me or have something that can drain? Thanks, Alison --------------------------------------------------- Hi Alison, None of the new turf options we offer have the drainage holes included. Our shop no longer creates drainage holes on these as well. If you want to add holes you can use a drill bit on site to create holes. They don't need to be very close together, maybe 1 hole per 5' x 5' section and start by using a 1/4" bit. Thanks again, Cory Schneider | Sales...

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6'x12' Poly v Nylon Stance Mat Weight

Hi, I'm can't decide between purchasing a nylon or poly 6'x12' stance mat. Can you provide the weights on each? Thanks, Chuck --------------------------------------------------- Hi Chuck, The 6'x12' Nylon Stance Mat weighs 63 lbs and the 6'x12' Poly Stance Mat weighs 62 lbs. The nylon option isn't much heavier but it has a longer life-span. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks again, Cory Schneider | Sales...

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Gluing Turf in a Basement

Hi, I want to put in some turf in my basement. The area is about 30'x 15' and I wanted to know if this needs to be glued down or if I can just lay it on the concrete floor. Thanks, Justin --------------------------------------------------- Hi Justin, Thanks for contacting us about the turf. The weight of the turf will determine if it's necessary to glue the roll down. If you're using a padded turf then you it may not be necessary to be glued down. This is a situation where you can always lay the turf down without gluing and see if you have any movement since the glue can always be added at a later date. Please let me know if you...

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Used Turf
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Top Used Turf Questions

What are the benefits of used turf without the fill?

Is rubber fill required?

Will there be lines on my rolls?

Can I order rolls so the lines match up?

Do you offer discounts on larger orders?

How does shipping work?

Are there returns or warranties?

What is the quality of your used turf?

Where does your used turf come from?

What is the height of your turf?

Does your used turf have a pad on the back?

What is the backing made of?

How much rubber is typically used?

How is this turf installed?

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