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AirCage - Electric Retractable Batting Cage

AirCage Electric Retractable Batting Cage

The AirCage is custom built for each facility to be the safest, most reliable electric retractable batting cage in the industry. Discover for yourself why the AirCage has no equal.
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What Makes the AirCage the Best Value?

Practice Sports is the original builder and industry leader of the AirCage, the most popular retractable batting cage in the US. We have installed retractable cages in over 300 indoor training facilities nationwide, including Army, Navy, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Arkansas, Baylor, Penn and hundreds of others.

Our electric batting cages work great for multi-use indoor sports facilities & gyms, allowing the cage to raise to the ceiling within minutes via an electric winch (remote or key operated), which opens the floor & air-space for other activities.

We customize every retractable batting cage to fit each facility perfectly, ensuring maximum functionality and safety.

Other brands have elevation limitations and require on-site fabrication, resulting in higher costs in the end.

When you buy a custom compatible Retractable AirCage, you know you're doing it right the first time.

AirCage Features vs Competitors

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Did you know?

• Most installations require fewer than 36 hours to complete.

• Our High-Speed Winches cut down on set up and storage times.

Up to Three Layers of Safety

Winch safety mechanisms customized for each cage based on cage load.

The Slim Profile of the AirCage Hoist gives your facility more overhead space.

Raised vs Lowered
Custom Fit Driveline

We can install components inside of ceilings giving your facility greater flexibility.

Custom Fit Winch Brackets

Custom fit winches ensure greater safety and performance of your AirCage.

Custom Fit Ceiling Supports

Our ceiling supports help make the AirCage a perfect fit for your facility no matter what type of ceiling structure you have.

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The safest, most reliable electric retractable batting cage on the planet.

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Adjustable Wall Plates

Hi, I was going to run some cable lines between my walls and had a question on the wall plates with the multiple anchor points. What exactly are those used for? Thanks, Cal --------------------------------------------------- Hi Cal, Thanks for contacting us about the wall plates. The wall plates with the multiple anchor points are used for our ShellCages where you have to stack cable lines one over the other. With just a simple tunnel, this type of wall plates is not necessary. On the ShellCage setup, there are cable lines supporting the ShellCage and separate cable lines for the divider nets that split the cage into separate...

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Custom Ceiling Brackets

When choosing to use a CurtainCage system (wall to wall cable kit) which allows you to slide the net on cable lines, sometimes cable lines can't be anchored into wall whether it's due to obstructions on the wall or longer gaps between walls. When this is the case, we have options to anchor the cables off of the ceiling using a custom ceiling bracket. The following info will help to clear up what exactly the brackets are and what options are available.

[caption id="attachment_2223" align="alignnone" width="500"] Basic Ceiling Bracket[/caption]

The above picture is an example of a custom ceiling bracket. This is a basic type...

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Indoor Batting Cage

I have a shop that is about 30x30x17 feet. I'd like to put in a cage that will be used for lacrosse, baseball, and golf. It needs to be retractable because we also use the space for basketball. I need the cables to run as high to the ceiling as possible so the drop down lines look appealing. What do you recommend? Thanks, Joel We have a cable kit that would work. You can view the kit here: CurtainCage - 55 ft EasySlide Indoor Batting Cage - with LineLift Kit The cable lines are a larger than your facility dimensions but they can be adjusted to fit your building. As for the netting, most people prefer to have a large net with a...

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Roller Wheels for Divider Net

Hi, We previously purchased a Shellcage with a single divider. We want to purchase some roller wheels so the divider can slide. What do you have that would work? Thanks, Charles --------------------------------------------------- Hi Charles, Thanks for contacting us about your ShellCage. There's a couple different options you can use for the rollers. First, it will depend on if you want to unhook the cable line the divider net runs on. If you didn't want to completely unhook that cable, then using a roller with a removable pin will have to be used. This is the more expensive option. If you wanted to unhook the cable, then...

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EasySlide Indoor Batting Cage with LineLift Kit

I'm looking to install some cable lines for a batting cage net and use some drop lines to allow me to put the horizontal cable lines. Can you help? Thanks, Mario --------------------------------------------------- Hi Mario, Sure we can help you with the drop lines. I would need to know the height of the net and the height where you're placing the horizontal cable lines. For example, your net is 12'H and you want the place the horizontal cable lines at 16'H, you'll want your drop lines to be about 5'6" in total length since you'll need to keep 1' to 8" on sag on the ground with your net. Loops will need to be made on each end of...

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