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AirCage - Electric Retractable Batting Cage

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AirCage Electric Retractable Batting Cage Estimates

The more info our AirCage Experts have about your facility the easier and faster it is to deliver you an accurate estimate for turnkey installation.

In a hurry? Take a look at some quick Budget Numbers.

Floor to Ceiling - Batter's & Pitcher's End

A few floor to ceiling shots (from various angles) of the potenial AirCage installation area will orient us in your facility.

Widescale shots that capture ceiling and floor allow us to see the potential installation area of the AirCage in relation to the entire structure.

Potential Obstructions

Please take a photo of any obstructions within the potential footprint of the Aircage.

GO WIDE Widescale shots help us visualize how the cage will work in relation to obstacles.

DONT GET TOO CLOSE Closeups make it difficult to see the obstructions in relation to the ceiling structure.

Don't Forget

You can email your photos to us at or text your photos to 913-638-6191.

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Zip Code

AirCage Info

AirCage Dimensions

Cage 1 Length Width Height Cage 2 Length Width Height

AirCage Type

Installation Info

• Our installaion crew is often booked 4 - 8 weeks out

• Once onsite installation usually requires less than 36 hours

Do You Require Installation?

Please Enter Your Installation Deadline

Facility Info

Please select the building style that best fits your facility.

  • Spaced Consistently
  • Wide Beam Spacing
  • High Ceilings (Over 30 ft)
  • Multiple Obstructions
  • Finished or Drop Ceilings

Facility Size

Length Width
Ceiling Height

Tip: Donít have a tape measure handy? Count wall blocks to get a measurement of your facility.

Will Cage Run Parallel or Perpendicular to Beams?

Beam Spacing

Additional key details.
For example: gym is on the second floor; in the basement; stairs leading to space, etc. Anything unique about your space which may affect cage operation or installation.

That's It!

We told you it was easy.

We may need additional info to finalize your numbers, so please double check your contact info for accuracy.

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