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Baseball & Softball Protective / Practice Screens

Pitcher's Screens:

Baseball Pitcher's L-Screen

  • Protect your baseball pitcher or machine from line-drives!

Softball Pitcher's Screen

  • Protect your softball pitcher or machine from line-drives!

Soft-Toss Sock-Net Screen

  • Refine your hand-eye coordination & stroke with an excellent application for soft-toss drills.

Fielding Screens: These large screens offer a variety of uses..

  • Protect the fielding position players during batting practice
  • Use to protect equipment from being damaged
  • Use as a barrier between the end of your batting cage & spectators

Vinyl Impact Screens

  • Use as target for pitching practice
  • Use on end of batting cage to protect batting cage high-impact area
  • Install behind pitcher to give batter better background to pick-up ball
  • Use as privacy barrier
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