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Protective Screens FAQ:

Q: Are your screens heavy-duty?
A: We offer a 1-piece welded screen which is the heaviest in the industry. Our slip-fit screens are above-average for durability, and the push-pin screens are average in durability.

Q: Why do your screens use round tubing & not square?
A:Square tubing allows balls to pancake the net, causing them to break at the seams quicker. Our round tubing results in better deflection and longer net life-span.

Q: Are they easy to assemble?
A: Our 1-piece screens require no assembly except slipping the pillow-case net over the frame. Our slip-fit frames match up using color-coded stickers, and our push-pin screens use spring-loaded pins to lock the tubes together. The nets are a "slip-over" style and take less than 1 minute to install.

Q: Are they weather-resistant?
A: Our 1-piece screens use aluminum which will NEVER rust. Our other screens are galvanized steel which is also highly weather-resistant. We do not recommend leaving the nets outside in harsh weather.

Q: Are they portable?
A: The 1-piece models were designed for maximum durability instead of portability. The "slip-fit" frames are fairly easy to take apart (about 15 minutes), and the push-pin screens are the quickest (about 5 minutes).

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