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You've found your net, and now you need to hang it. You can take advantage of our Batting Cage Systems to give you everything you need to help safely install your net, indoors or out. Or you can select each components individually on the page below. You can even use our Hardware Bundler to bundle and save!

Batting Cage Systems
Complete install kits

Hardware & Turf Bundler
Bundle your items and save

Here's a quick look at the individual hardware items of a Collapsible CurtainCage. This is the Live End of the Cable Line. Three Cable Lines are required to hang a Standard Size Net. You can read more about hardware in our Getting Started Guide.

Lag Header or Wall Structure Anchor Point Cable Clamp Roller Wheel Turnbuckle Cable Line Snap Hook

Getting Started Guide
Everything you need to know about hardware

Batting Cage Hardware
   Frames / Cable Systems 
     Electric AirCages 
     Multi-Lane ShellCages 
     Above Ground 
       Cable / Wire Rope 
       Carabiner Snaps 
       Roller Wheels 
       Tensioning Hardware 
       Track & Trolley Parts 
   Protective / Practice Screens 
Top Hardware Questions

How can I get a quote for this system?

How long will this Batting Cage System last?

Is this system safe hanging over-head in my facility?

What can I anchor cable to?

How far can I span my cable lines without vertical support points - and will I have much sag?

What size poles do I need for minimal sag?

How many frame sections will I need for my net?

Will I experience "ball ricochet"?

More FAQs

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