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Use our CurtainCage Builder to custom design a cable system to fit your exact facility specs! Or browse our standard kit options here.

Select the type of CurtainCage wall or ceiling.

Cage Dimensions:

Length ft. in. X Width ft. in. X Height in.
Since your width is greater than 36' please enter the number of horizontal cables you need to hang the cage? (do not include cables for divider curtains, they will be added later). Typical spacing is one cable every 6 to 7 feet of your cage width.
ft. in. What is the anchor point span (wall to wall)?
Is anchor hardware required? (see images here)
Select wall mount type.
Do you require our cable crimping/cutting service?
Does cage need to slide like curtain?
Will cage slide frequently, or only occasionally?
Will cage have divider curtains?
If yes, how many?
Do divider curtains need to slide independent of cage?

For Ceiling CurtainCages

ft. in.
Enter the height which linear cables will be mounted? (ceiling mount point to floor, must be obstruction free lengthwise)
The CurtainCage builder results will display here.
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