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AirCage™ Indoor Electric Retractable Batting Cage System

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Installation Pricing Estimates:

  • Average Cost to Install (1) Single Lane (i.e. 70x14, 55x12): $3,500-$4,500
  • Average Cost to Install (1) Double Lane (i.e. 70x28, 55x24): $4,500-$5,500

*Our crew is based outside of Cleveland, OH. Pricing will vary based on complexity of job & location. Estimates above include labor & all travel expenses.

*Contact Us for exact quote, or submit our Questionnaire

Our nationwide installation services for the AirCage is very reasonably priced, considering the labor intensive & meticulous nature of this type of work -- our highly experienced crew averages approximately 36 total man hours per installation of (1) 70x14 System -- no shortcuts are taken; ever. For example, all overhead support points utilize a minimum of Grade-5 Fasteners.

We also offer inspections & maintenance on virtually every type of gym equipment -- combine additional services to make our trip even more cost-efficient for you! Contact Us to ask about our other services.

Who knows a mechanical system better than anyone else? Of course, the actual builders of the equipment! The same skillful in-house crew that fabricates our AirCage™ Retractable Batting Cage Systems, can also perform your installation.

Our Installation Crew has successfully completed over 400+ jobs over the past 7 years, and has yet to have an accident, an unsatisfied customer, or find a facility they couldn't make this system work flawlessly in - and they have encountered practically every obstacle you can imagine. The crew travels in a large trailer truck, loaded with a mobile work-shop & lodging, to make the trip as efficient as possible, and enable the crew to virtually fabricate on-site magic when necessary.

Don't make the mistake of attempting to save a few hundred bucks for cheap help, which may be cheaper per hour, but will most likely take twice as long overall -- in the end it's just not worth the liability. View pictures of our installation crew's previous work - and review a list of some of our references (please ask for direct contacts).


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Contact Us: 1-800-8-SPORTS (800-877-6787)
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